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Hot Runner Mold

��We have accumulated a lot of experience in hot runner system mold. Our designer and engineer are familiar with DME, Hasco, Yudo,Mold Master,Mastertip, Husky hot runner system. Many factors have to be taken into consideration for the hot runner system, for example: the shape, size and thickness of the part; the layout, the gating location, also the property of resin and so on. With the help from hot runner supplier, we will select the best-fitted one for you. Furthermore, we could provide you favorable after-sale service.

Hot runner mold theory:

��With heat manifold and heat drops inserted in injection mold, the resin could keep in the molten state as it flows through the barrel. Then it gate into the cavity just as inject directly from the machine nozzle. No runner and cold sprue will exist during the production.

Hot runner benefits:

1. Reduce cycle time a lot and then increase the production efficiency.

2. Improve the gating appearance.

3. Little waste or no waste of the resin.

4. The hot runner could reduce the flow resistance and then the injection pressure and clamp force could reduce a lot. Then it offer opportunity to produce the flow strained part.

5. Fewer mold-in stress.
Plastic injection hot runner mold Plastic injection hot runner mould

*Husky Hot Runners :

��-Hot Runners (brochure) (PDF, 383kb)

��-Ultra Nozzles (flyer) (PDF, 233kb)


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